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Jan 2008
Happy Anniversary, Imperial Tobacco
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Imperial Tobacco, the Canadian division of BAT and the purveyor of Players, du Maurier, and Matinee cigarettes (three of the Reaper’s favourite brands), is celebrating its 100th Anniversary on Friday, January 11.

They will be having a celebration at their office in Montreal at 2:45 PM. It’s at 3711 Saint-Antoine Street West, and they will be unveiling a magnificent sculpture.

Grim will make an effort to be present for this momentous occasion, despite the fact that most of Imperial’s victims won’t be there. Most of their employees won’t be able to make it, either, since they live in Mexico.

If you want to be part of this celebration, but can’t make it, you can always phone Sophie Alarie of their Corporate Affairs department: (514) 932-6161, extension 2381, or her cell #: (514) 690-0148. If you have a relative or close friend that died of lung cancer, emphysema, or any other disease caused by cigarettes, Sophie will be pleased to hear about it.

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