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May 2008
The Georgia Straight; proud partner in addiction, disease, disability, and death
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Grim at the Georgia Straight office, May 5, 2008The Grim Reaper, accompanied by Airspace Action on Smoking and Health, will conduct yet another protest in front of the Georgia Straight office, 1701 W. Broadway in Vancouver, on Friday, May 30… the day before the WHO’s World No Tobacco Day 2008.

Vancouver-based Airspace Action on Smoking and Health — Canada’s leading all-volunteer anti-tobacco organization — has had a running battle with the Georgia Straight for more than a decade now. At issue: The Georgia Straight‘s unrepentant insistence on running tobacco ads, whether they be for chewing tobacco or for some supposedly “new” — and “improved?” (???)– cigarette brand.

The federal Tobacco Act is clearly part of the problem: It’s so full of loopholes that you could drive a stolen semi loaded with contraband cigarettes through it! Be that as it may, while the Straight may not be violating the letter of the law, it is clearly violating the spirit and/or the intent of the law. Additionally, Canada ratified a World Health Organization treaty; the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control a few years ago. Again, while the enforcement component of that treaty is not as effective as it should be, any and all tobacco advertising is in clear and blatant violation of that treaty… and the Georgia Straight knows it!

Bottom line: The Georgia Straight, like the tobacco industry, has freely chosen to put its profits ahead of the comfort, health and safety of its readers/customers.

Please call your MP and urge her/him to take a stand and get tough on tobacco advertising. Then call the Georgia Straight at (604) 730-7000… and let them know you’re not impressed with their tobacco advertising. And last but not least, please seriously consider donating to — or becoming a member of — Airspace Action on Smoking and Health.

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