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Jul 2008
The Reaper congratulates Order of Canada recipients
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Greetings, dying people. What the hell are you waiting for? Get on with it! Start smoking! Or, if you already smoke, smoke more, dammit… in all public places, workplaces, at gas stations and dynamite factories!

As much as I truly appreciate the efforts made by Order of Canada recipient Henry Morgentaler, Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, all suicide bombers, drunken/stoned drivers et al, they just can’t compete with my heroes (and Order of Canada recipients too): Paule Gauthier, Doug Bassett and Pierre des Marais II.

They’re Canadian tobacco executives. Okay, enough niceties: They’re butchers! They’re no different than pedophiles, certainly in terms of their targeting of young, impressionable and vulnerable children! They are murderers! And they’re proud of it!

But here’s the really funny part: They’ve actually managed to convince the world that they are “good corporate citizens” who are simply providing just another consumer product. That’s hilarious! I love ’em!

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