The Grim Reaper Society

Keeping the human population down for over 600 years


Nobody is a bigger fan of — or a bigger cheerleader for — the nicotine cartel (formerly known as the tobacco industry) than the Grim Reaper. No other problem on the planet (illicit drugs, alcohol [including drunk driving], AIDS, homicide, suicide, fires, car accidents, etc.) even comes close to the number of victims ‘reaped’ by tobacco. In fact the tobacco toll is greater than that of all of the above-mentioned ‘problems’ combined!!!

As the Reaper like to brag, “Tobacco kills more people every six hours than were killed in all of the 9/11 attacks! Sort of makes you wonder who the real terrorists are, doesn’t it? P.S. Keep up the great work, Philip Morris! Your ol’ pal, ‘Grim'”