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Dec 2009

A news story from New Tang Dynasty Television: Anti-Smokers Protest Bangkok Trade Show

Nov 2009

The Grim Reaper has become, at least temporarily, one of the characters in the Vancouver-based User Friendly comic strip.






Nov 2009
WOW!!!   A Remembrance Day I'll Never Forget

or, The Thai Anti-Tobacco Movement ROCKS. BIG TIME!

Until today, the biggest anti-tobacco protest (and I mean ‘protest’, as opposed to convention/conference) I’d ever attended was in Washington DC about 3 years ago. Of the 5,000 attendees at the 13th World Conference on Tobacco OR Health, about 200 of us marched through the streets of DC (with a large police escort) to the White House, where we demanded (that’s right, we demanded, dammit!) the US take serious action against tobacco, including long overdue ratification of the FCTC (which, as far as I know, still has not been done). In any case, that whole trip — the conference, the protest, the networking, etc. — was incredible, BUT…

I just got ‘home’ from the biggest, best and most powerful anti-tobacco protest ever! And when I say ‘powerful’: If we’re talkin’ earthquakes, all previous protests (great as they’ve ALL been), have been ‘minor tremors’, barely registering on the Richter scale…and hardly noticeable by anyone, especially the tobacco industry (TI).

But this one rocked those bastards… and has triggered a tsunami that just might, with any luck at all, wipe them out!

In typical ‘Errol’ fashion, I was late getting to the protest site this morning. With many curious onlookers (including hotel staff), I loaded the Grim Reaper costume, the SICKARET and 3 placards into a taxi for the 5-minute drive to the convention centre (BKKCC). With the temperature in the mid to high 80s (yes, fahrenheit) and very high humidity, I’m hoping an Arctic front will blow in. No such luck.

Having scouted out the BKKCC area a couple of days earlier, I knew exactly where to go. And besides, I’d been reminded that, with 150 – 500 people protesting, I couldn’t possibly miss it. Well, I missed it!

Not seeing any sign at all of a protest, I got the cabbie (who spoke virtually no English) to pull over. A security guard approached and, seeing my gear (especially the SICKARET) in the back seat, asked an unspoken question by putting his hand to his mouth in a smoking gesture. I said yes. He pointed and, in Thai, told the cabbie where to go, as it were.

A couple of blocks further and I see about 100 people (mostly highschool-aged kids) on the sidewalk… some in costumes (including less-elaborate [if I may be so bold] Grim Reapers, cigarettes, etc.), most carrying placards (in English and Thai)…and ALL wearing very cool t-shirts that say, “TOBACCO KILLS!” in big bold letters on the front and “5,400,000” (plus some other text) on the back. And there are at least 2, maybe 3 dozen helmet-wearing police officers. And I’m thinkin’, “This is cool!”
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Jul 2009
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In an extremely rare and brief display of sadness and sombre reflection, the normally cold, callous and emotionless Grim Reaper marked the (albeit ‘accidental’, as in a helicopter crash) death of the 123rd Canadian soldier in Afghanistan today (July 7, 2009) by announcing that he is firing the Taliban.  In fact, he is severing his ties with all combatants — the good, the bad and the ugly — in all conflicts around the globe.  Why?  Because his lifelong friends at the tobacco industry kill far more people than ALL of the bullets and bombs ever will!

“The Canadian mission to Afghanistan began in 2002.  That’s 7 years ago!  Many says it’s been a failure…and I couldn’t agree more:  To date, the world’s most feared terrorist organization — the Taliban — have managed to kill just 123 Canadian soldiers…


IN A BLOODY WAR ZONE!  My pals at the nicotine cartel…I mean, tobacco industry…kill that same number of Canadians EACH AND EVERY DAY!!!”, Grim said.

“I need dead bodies!  The more the merrier!  I thought the Taliban could produce more, but they have failed, miserably!”

Grim continues, “To put it all into perspective:  For every Canadian soldier killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan, tobacco has prematurely killed — by an average of 10 – 15 years — more than 2,500 Canadians!  Obviously, most of those dead Canadians are ‘civilians’, but that tragic toll includes dozens of (perhaps 100 or more) veterans as well!”

With a devilish smirk on his face, he adds, “Kind of ironic, isn’t it:  So many veterans survive the absolute hell of war only to have their lives cut short by a weed that has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, contains the most addictive drug known (nicotine), is a leading cause of brush and forest fires, is the leading cause of (residential) fire fatalities, is one of the biggest drains on our ‘in-crisis’ health-care system, etc.”
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Needless to say, the Grim Reaper is choked, pardon the pun.

Adrian Dix has driven yet another nail into the coffin of Grim’s good friends at the nicotine cartel.

Grim — speaking on behalf of Arminda Mota (well-paid tobacco ho… I mean, president of the tobacco industry front group,  Stephen Hartwell (former president of Smokers’ Rights Canada, until he was replaced by Grim) and Giant Turkey — expressed his deep concern. “Fortunately, there are enough terrorist attacks, wars, murders and non-tobacco-caused diseases out there to keep me ‘in business’ for a very long time to come.  But if these damn radical, fanatical and militant anti-smoker zealots continue at the current rate, I’m going to lose a huge chunk of my business.”

Aug 2008
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Cartoon by Gable in the Globe and MailA letter to the editor of the Globe and Mail from the Grim Reaper:

In response to Gable’s editorial cartoon (Aug 2) and Stan Shatenstein’s subsequent letter (“Cough, cough”, August 5) — and on behalf of the entire tobacco industry, globally — I’m here to tell you that 1) nicotine is not addictive, 2) tobacco/smoking does not kill and 3) we [tobacco executives] are not sewer rats!


Catherine Doyle
Imperial Tobacco smokesperson


The tobacco industry’s biggest fan and cheerleader,
The Grim Reaper