The Grim Reaper Society

Keeping the human population down for over 600 years

Jun 2001

This story begins on March 16, 2001, when former AIRSPACE President Jerry Steinberg brought to our attention an article that was published in that day’s Vancouver Sun. Briefly, the article stated that, among others, Theodor (‘Ted’) Sterling — the tobacco industry’s $6 million dollar (US) Marlboro Man — would be receiving an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Simon Fraser University at the convocation (graduation) ceremonies, to be held at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 7.

And yet another very successful AIRSPACE protest was born.

In the weeks leading up to the protest, we gave SFU ample opportunity to reverse its decision to honor a man who can best be described as a murderer….a Pusher in Pinstripes….a Merchant of Death….or, at the very least, a high-priced puppet of the multinational nicotine cartel.

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Feb 1999

I first saw an ad on TV for “200 Cigarettes” about a week ago, and I was very anxiously looking forward to the premiere. A movie with a title like this would have to be well worth seeing.

My first disappointment was that it was rated PG, which means that kids under 14 can’t get in without their parents. This excludes that vital pre-teen market, the ones who need to practice smoking in front of a mirror to develop the “look” that they want. They’re being deprived of a valuable educational experience here.

The next disappointment was that there were only 77 cigarettes (and one joint) shown in the film. Why did the producers feel a need to over-hype it? “77 Cigarettes” would still be a catchy title. “77 Cigarettes and a Joint” might be even catchier.
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